Storing Your Meals

The best ways to enjoy your meals and keep great health.

We provide home delivered, freshly prepared hot or chilled meals five days a week in and Stafford and surrounding suburbs. We can also supply frozen meals for any day of the week or weekend.

Please note, for your health and safety, if you are not home, your meals cannot be left in eskies.

Storing food correctly is very important for food enjoyment and nutrition. Bugs are normally present in all foods and if they grow to large numbers, they can make you feel sick and give you food poisoning.

Perishable foods should not be left out of the fridge for very long.The low temperature slows the growth of bugs that are the cause of food poisoning.

The dangerous part is that you often cannot taste or smell that the food has been spoiled. The longer food is left out, the more likely it is going to be spoiled.


Your Meals on Wheels meal may be delivered hot, chilled or frozen.
  • Chilled Meals – Must be stored in the refrigerator. Any uneaten portions of food after reheating need to be thrown away.
  • Hot Meals  must be eaten immediately. Please note, that for any leftover portions, you must cover and keep them refrigerated for later consumption.
  • Frozen Meals should be stored in the freezer until you are ready to eat them. Follow the reheat instructions carefully to ensure that the meal is heated all the way through.

Never re-freeze a frozen meal once it has been thawed out. Doing this, can make you ill, so please don’t do it.

If you are not going to be home, remember to advise the volunteer or coordinator the day before.

These guidelines help us avoid spoiling good food.